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This is the real story of a peasant’s son Ram Surat Kunwar, in a remote village on the bank of Ganges, turned to be a great Spiritual Master by the grace of the then Spiritual Masters of India. His name is immortalized in the Spiritual field of the world. His story narrates how a good man could become a God Man. The author believes that the events and experiences in the life of Ram Surat Kunwar and his devotees will have tremendous impact on one’s life. They will affect and awake the untouched holistic spiritual energy, in the deep chamber of the human beings and enable them evolve to the state of ultimate God Realization.

How the youth Ram Surat Kunwar was dragged from the remote village Nardara on the bank of the Ganges in North India to the holy hill Arunachala and towards the then Spiritual Masters in South India still remains a great mystery. After he merged totally in his Father, God, his whole life was dedicated to the service of all living beings. He imparted his divine wisdom to the eligible seekers and alleviated the sufferings of common people with great love and compassion.

Yogi Ramsuratkumar gave the title 'AMARAKAVYAM' for this book long before in 1982. On that day Yogi handed over a bunch of papers to the author and instructed him to write about him. Yogi told that the writings of the author would become an 'Amarakavyam'.

This book 'AMARAKAVYAM' narrates the events that happened in the life of Yogi Ramsuratkumar from 1918 to 2001, till his Mahasamadhi. The author is able to narrate only a very small part of the life of this great Yogi. The author feels that even that small part might be a great benediction for the seekers and the same might be useful to them to lead their day to day life in such a way that will bring bliss and harmony. It may also help to unravel the mystery of this great spiritual master.

Yogi came down to the level of normal mortals and showered his grace to uplift them into God consciousness. Yogi mysteriously protects the potential real seekers of God, facilitates and equips them with the required environment and energy to reach God and become Immortal. Yogi incarnated in this world for this particular work of uplifting the eligible people towards God. He contributed his divine name ‘Yogi Ramsuratkumar’ for the future generation to get salvation.

Yogi Ramsuratkumar is beyond all religions and should not be identified with any particular religion. He is really a mystic in its true sense. Yogi once said about his Father, «The one who controls the whole cosmos, the one who infuses energy to everything in the cosmos, the one who manifests in everything in the whole cosmos is this beggar’s SUPREME FATHER. This beggar is totally one with His Supreme Father. There is no division, no difference between this beggar and His Father».

Yogi worked and lived for his FATHER throughout his life and was one with His FATHER eternally.

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