First and last discourse of
Yogi Ramsuratkumar on 12/1/1976

My Friends,

This beggar learnt at the feet of Swami Ramdas, the divine name of Rama and beg, beg all of you not to forget the divine name Rama. Whatever you do, wherever you are, be like Anjaneya, Maruti, thinking of Rama and doing your actions in this world. At every stage, we face problems, today one problem, tomorrow-another problem, the day after tomorrow another problem. And on account of facing these problems, often we get dejected, disappointed, psychologically sick, if we don’t remember the name of the Divine. So this beggar begs all of you, not to forget the divine name, Rama. There are people who like to remember the name of Siva. It is equally good. There are people who like to remember the name of Ganapati, equally good. Whatever name you choose, whatever form you choose, but give to this beggar what he wants. Never forget the Divine. Live in the world and the problems will be there. If we are remembering the divine name, we are psychologically sound. May be, we may feel a little, some of the problems. Even then, the intensity with which we feel, if we don’t have faith in God, is much more than a man of faith, a man, who remembers the name of Rama. This beggar is always begging, begging for food, begging for clothes, begging that you should compose songs on this beggar, build a house for me, buy a house for me, a cottage for me, this thing, that thing, so many things. This beggar will beg of you this also and you are always giving what this beggar has begged. So, this beggar begs, please don’t forget the name of God. This divine name has always been of great help to all in the world. You read Kabir, Tulsi, Sur, Appar Swami, Manickavachaka Swami, how they emphasised Namasivaya. Don’t forget it, this is your heart, this is your soul, whether it be Om Namasivaya or Om Namo Narayanaya, whether Rama, Siva or Krishna, whatever name you choose, whatever form you choose, doesn’t matter. But remember the Lord with any name, with any form of your choice. Just as when there is heavy rainfall, we take an umbrella and go on doing our work in the factory, in the field, wherever we go for marketing and catching hold of the umbrella, we go through, the rain is falling there. But still we work, still we work, do our work. Similarly we have got so many problems all around. This divine name is just like that umbrella during the rainfall. Catch hold of the divine name and go on doing your work in the world. This beggar begs of you and this beggar has received all he has begged of you. So, this beggar thinks, none of you will shun away, when this beggar begs of you, don’t forget the divine name. This beggar prays to his Father to bless you all who have come here. My Lord Rama blesses you. My Father blesses you. Arunachaleswara blesses you. It doesn’t matter to me what name it is. All the blessings of my Father for all of you. Well, that is the end. That is all.

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